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Welcome To Swan7

Swan7 is the leading manufacturer of Musical Instruments that deliver the most faithful and natural reproduction of sound. We constantly study to build the best guitar in the world based on product knowledge, experience, and confidence in quality and value which suits the US climate. Swan7 deals in a wide range of Musical Instruments, Pro Audio, and Music Accessories.

Swan7 Guitars

Swan7 is known for having a remarkable range of guitars and its guitar accessories. The brand produces acoustic guitars models since 1980. The brand is famous for its premium quality acoustic guitars under decent prices. Swan7 guitars are globally appreciated by professional musicians and music lovers.

Swan7 Maven Series

In 2019-2020 company launched its latest Maven series. It is a mid-range guitar line-up that comes with outstanding features and looks. The Maven series guitars include flagship features and stylish looks. The guitar is mostly popular amongst Millennials and youngsters. The idea behind this model is to provide master guitar under budget prices to the beginner guitarists and aspiring musicians.

The official logo on the headstock of Swan7 guitar is not a decal. Swan7 logo is designed with premium quality material and printed very precisely on the Headstock. It is the mix of swan wings adding great aesthetics on the guitar. Swan7 guitar incorporates high quality die cast tuners for customization. One can easily recognize by just seeing the logo on the guitar. Golden and black variant of logo is also available.

Musicians are very happy with Swan7 guitar as they can ask customizations for colour strings, body material, size, strings, tuners, etc.

Swan7 Acoustic Guitars:

Swan7 Acoustic Guitar is carefully designed and engineered for the deep, clear, and unbiased tone that makes this newcomer guitar so popular. With a robust design, superior materials, craftsmanship, and modern look deliver a loud voice, full and beautiful dynamics.

Swan7 Electric Guitars:

Simple design, reasonable price, and skilful craftsmanship are the correct phrases to describe Swan7 electric guitars. Swan7 Electric Guitar is made with lightweight hardwood that has the ability to deliver a powerful midrange. It produces amazing sound dynamics that improve the tone and makes it full and warm, an excellent sound characteristic for playing famous blues or rock songs.

Swan7 Bass Guitar:

Swan7 Bass Guitars comes with a unique combination of precision engineering, advanced design, and skilful gcraftsmanship; the Swan7 Development team has designed the ideal instrument for bass players who don't want to compromise with quality. Our bass guitar seamlessly blends the great sound you need to underpin your performance with enormous flexibility so you can create and define your own tone.

Musical Accessories

Swan7 is a full-line store of music accessories, guitar parts, and guitar accessories. Swan7 offers premium quality guitar and accessories through an online portal. The brand recently launched the latest maven series guitar accessories for musicians. The latest accessories include trendy design capos like sharp capos, roller capos, gravity sensor guitar holders, etc. Swan7 Maven series accessories are following the trend with the very best quality.